What is Xprinkler

Xprinkler has a mission of saving water consumption worldwide by watering smartly. Whether you are responsible for large agriculture operations, or just want to take care of your lawn, Xprinkler gives you the ability to control watering from your mobile phone.


Water conservation is both good for the environment and good for your pocket. The United States is currently experiencing an extremely severe drought and there is no solution in sight. This is a problem for each and everyone of us as citizens of the world.


Xprinkler solves this problem by controlling water consumption for irrigation purposes, residential or commercial, intelligently. The Xprinkler is a smart form of a regular sprinkler used today. However, it is loaded with humidity, temperature, and other sensors which help it decide whether the nearby flora requires watering.

$4bn to $5bn

market size projected by 2019

$7bn in 2015

expanded market including water management solutions

CAGR of 17.3%

micro irrigation systems market (2014 – 2019)


The Xprinkler does not need to be connected to any irrigation “zones”. That is, it can turn on by itself independent of other devices nearby. This has the advantage that new lawns or plantations do not need to be too careful about zoning because the Xprinkler knows what and where to turn on.

All Xprinklers are connected via a MESH network which allows the owner to control behavious such as the maximum number of devices to turn on at a time, limit the number of hours of operation, etc.


A simple way to visualize the benefits is to imagine a lawn that rests on a hill. If you have seen this in real life, you’ll realize that the bottom of the hill is always wetter than the top. This happens due to water rolling off downhill. With the help of the Xprinkler system, the lawn at the bottom of the hill will be watered less frequently than the lawn at the top.

The Xprinkler is a novel device and we are convinced that it will help all of us to conserve water, and money!